1.  Orders, after the 1.9.2010 - 22.9.2010 period, should be placed 24 hours in adavance.  Cleints wishing to order delivery can call us for information.
2.  Clients who wish to correct or amend order or delivery date should contact us at least 48 hours in advance.
3.  Photographs of fruit baskets on website are the same as those fruit baskets for delivery.  The Company reserves the right to substitute fruits of similiar cost should such fruits be found to be of poor quality or in short supply on the date concerned.
4.  All fruit baskets will be photographed and sent by e-mail within 5 days.  Date of delivery will also be sent by e-mail.
5.  Should the recipients find any damage fruits on taking delivery, the Company undertakes to replace them provided the recipients report such damaged fruits to the Company on the same day they are delivered and checked.  Any damaged fruits found after that date will not be entertained.  
6.  Should a wrong address be discovered or the person at the address refuses to accept delivery or there is no one at the office to accept delivery, all of which will be considered by the Company as successful delivery made.  Should the clients wish to effect delivery to a new address or delivery date and time for the same day, a service charge of $80 will be levied.  Amended address cannot be changed from one district to another (for example from Hong Kong to Kowloon or from Kowloon to New Territories).  However, should the clients wish to change to another day for delivery, a service charge of $200 will be levied.   


1.  First time clients with orders worth $2,000 should pay in advance.
2.  Company clients wishing to pay one week after the delivery and fail to do so will incurred a 5% interest penalty of the total cost.
3.  For orders in excess of $5,000 a down payment of $2,500 should be made on order date and the balance one week after delivery.
4.  All down payments will not be refundable.
5.  Payment can be made by cash, crossed cheques, bank payment, bank transfer and credit cards.
6.  Crossed cheques should be made payable to "Flower and Fruit" and on the reverse side to note down the Order Number and sent to "Unit B, Gough Plaza, 33 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong".
7.  Bank payment/bank transfer should be made to "HSBC 400-709-564-292" with Order Number and these bank slips be e-mailed to 'info@fnf.hk" or by fax to 2581 1831.   

Fruit Hamper Delivery Service

1.  Standard delivery being 9 am - 1 pm; 2 pm - 6 pm; 6 pm - 9 pm or the clients to contact recipients for delivery date and time (delivery service and/or charge depend on district).
2.  If delivery date and time is on a holiday or public holiday, delivery charge will be levied according to district plus $30 extrad delivery fee.
3.  Included Delivery Fee - Cost will reduce from product's price but excluding delivery to Tung Chiung, CLK Airport and Outlying Islands.  
4.  The Company will try to deliver on the date and time as specified by the clients.  However, the Company will accept no responsibility should there be delay by transportation and/or weather problems.
5.  Should there be no access to vehicles or there is no lift service, extra delivery charge will be levied (please conatct us).
6.  Delivery charge by district - South Island and Mid-level, Other Island District ($30), Kowloon District ($50), South New Territories ($60), East & West New Territories ($80), North New Territories ($100), Airport and Off-shore Island ($180), Other Lantau Island District ($150)   


1.  Online fruit basket can only be bought as a package and not on an individual item basis.
2.  To ensure ample supply, please order 2 days' in advance for delivery of online fruit basket package.
3.  Should the clients select online fruit baskets incorrectly resulting in a lower price, the Company reserves the right to cancel the order or request the clients to make up the price difference.
4.  Should the supply of a certain fruit in the online fruit basket package be in short supply, the Company can change the fruit with a similar fruit of the same quality as a substitute.
5.  The Comapny can cancel any pre-paid or not yet paid orders for any online fruit basket package service.
6.  Should there be any dispute, the Company's decision will be final.